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Like many drugs, antidepressants fall into a gray area during pregnancy,.Fluoxetine, also known by trade names Prozac and Sarafem among others, is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. It.

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Pregnancy outcome following first-trimester exposure to fluoxetine (Prozac).A REVIEW OF PREGNANCY OUTCOME. who took SSRIs or venlafaxine during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The drug is linked to birth defects when taken during pregnancy.

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The children of women who took SSRIs during pregnancy have an increased risk of speech or language disorders, a study finds.This class of drugs is used to treat depression, anxiety, and.

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Contents of this page: Fetal Risk Summary Breast Feeding Summary.

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By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Women who take antidepressants during pregnancy may be more likely to have children with autism, a Canadian study suggests.But staying on antidepressants during pregnancy needs to be weighed carefully, too,.

The most commonly used drugs include antiemetics, antacids, antihistamines.Antidepressants During Pregnancy Have Benefits, Risks: Study.This antidepressant is in a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake.Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine. (2011) Antenatal maternal antidepressants drugs. (2008) Paroxetine and fluoxetine in pregnancy.Some medicines can harm your baby, including over-the-counter drugs, herbs and supplements.

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In fact, they are the most commonly prescribed class of antidepressants.Prozac is the brand name of fluoxetine, a prescription drug used to treat depression.Both antidepressant use and untreated depression in pregnant women may lead to risks for babies.

Most tricyclic antidepressants seem to be safe during lactation except for doxepin. the routine use of these drugs during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.The UK Teratology Information Service (UKTIS) provides a national service on all aspects of the toxicity of drugs and chemicals in pregnancy.Children whose mothers use antidepressants during pregnancy may be more likely to develop autism than kids whose mothers do not, say researchers in California.Fluoxetine is an antidepressant first developed by researchers at Eli. including Prozac, as Class C drugs for pregnant.

Olanzapine and fluoxetine is a medication that is used for the treatment of depression associated with bipolar disorder, as well as treatment-resistant depression.Antidepressant use in pregnant patients: which antidepressant medications are safe in pregnancy, potential adverse effects, and treatment options.You have free access to this content Paroxetine and fluoxetine in pregnancy: a prospective, multicentre, controlled, observational study.Is it safe to take medication for depression during pregnancy.These syndromes appear to affect about 25% of babies exposed to antidepressants late in pregnancy. during pregnancy.

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